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Faroug Kadouda
2008 حفل التأبين.صور.الأرشيف.لمحات من حياتي.الصفحة الرئيسية.
Updated on  17 July 2010
1938 - 2007
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This web site is currently under construction. Currently, a small selection of the late Prof. Kadouda contributions in newspapers or TV interviews is available in several of the categories listed on the pop-down menu.


Most of the material is limited to scanned images (which jeopardized quality) of paper clippings and old photos. However, work by the commemoration exhibition group is underway towards a completer selection as well as to improve on the quality of presentation.  We are very grateful to many individuals who shared their memorabilia with us and helping with the preparations for the Commemoration day.


Please feel free to give us your suggestions and share with us from your memories or collections using the comments box.

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