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Faroug Kadouda
2008 حفل التأبين.صور.الأرشيف.لمحات من حياتي.الصفحة الرئيسية.
Updated on  18 July 2010
1938 - 2007
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This website is a tribute to the late Professor Faroug Kadouda, a Sudanese activist and economist who dedicated his critical mind and voice to promoting democracy and development, and advocating for equitable allocation of resources for his beloved Sudan. He was a scholar who reached out to people and believed in disseminating the ideas of development through clear and direct language, even though the ideas he was conveying were often very complex economic concepts. He was, after all, a teacher, in the finest sense of that word.


With the contributions of fellow Sudanese we hope to achieve the following:

1. Document and celebrate his life that is entwined with modern revolutionary Sudanese history and thus contribute to the narrative history of the Sudan.

2. Assemble and disseminate his works and ideas that are relevant to policy making on people-centred development and economic planning for the Sudan.

3. Promote and accentuate the ideals that he worked for such as democracy, justice and inclusiveness for future Sudanese critical thinkers.


The local commemoration committee is appealing not only for other obituaries but also personal memories, photographs and other memorabilia with Kadouda or of the same struggle, time and space.


Please note that collections and archives that accumulate during the course of this project will be transferred to a permanent open source website and launched in conjunction with inauguration of the Faroug Kadouda Centre for Democracy and Development in Khartoum at the beginning of 2009.


May we take this opportunity to thank site visitors and wish them a worthwhile time with the selected material presented. We also would like to warmly note the input of a large number of volunteers from Faroug's friends, comrades, colleagues, students and family who are preparing for the commemoration event on 25th December 2008, and to thank those who shared their stories with us…


Best wishes to all.


To follow the contributions to the site visit commemoration archive or blog


Please note that most audio and video clippings are in Arabic.


Read Messages sent to commemorate@farougkadouda.net